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This site is a thing to have exhibited the illustration that I drew.

I speaks Japanese, this site is Japanese, too.
But a part of English page was prepared.
Then, please enjoy my page.Thank you.
(I'm sorry if my English is wrong.)

English page

My artworks.

It is a message board.
(I can read only Japanese and easy English.
But your message will be read by many Japanese if it is written in easy English.)

Japanese text only page.

Written in Japanese(Japanese fonts required to view this site .)

It is my Dolls.

+++How to+++
Photoshop,Painter and Illusutrator tutorial.

It is a links to other sites.

About Me.

Name;Masataka tokinaga
I like drawing an illustration.

Your comments are always welcome.
If your e-mail is in English please try to use easy words
and make it short & simple, so that I will be able to understand.
I'm afraid I cannot assure you of the reply if your e-mail is in English.
Thank you for your understanding.

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